MNCC Japan Homestay

What's MNCC Scholarship?

MNCC scholarship program was established in 2000. The funds have been raised by MNCC exchange students through volunteer activities in that the students engaged while homestaying in the United States. It includes donations from students as well as from host families who participated in our programs. To actualize this scholarship program, we also have received a lot of support from host families and Teacher Coordinators.

We are pleased to announce that we invite American students to Japan as “American Ambassadors”. We hope that this opportunity will become one of the best lifetime experiences for participants by interacting with Japanese school, Japanese culture and Japanese family.


Messages from scholarship students

2015 Scholarship Student Connor's Activity Report and Thank You Messages


2014 Scholarship Student Carolyn' Activity Report and Thank You Messages


I learned so much about Japan and myself on this trip, so I am supremely grateful to all who made this happen. MNCC students and staff, ARIGATOU GOZAIMASU! I had an amazing time as I hope you can tell from my pictures and journals. This experience opened my eyes to a whole new continent of culture and ideas and I will carry this new knowledge with me for the duration of my lifetime. - Kamiah Dix, Lodi, California, USA (2013)

Kamiah's Activity Report


It was very interesting to learn about all of the similarities that my life had with theirs. I always felt that people in other countries were like worlds away, but once I spent this time over there, I realized how similar they actually were! I had a wonderful time while in Japan, and it was a great and educational experience for me. - Kellen Haug, Los Banos, California, USA (2013)

Kellen's Activity Report

I appreciate all of the students and families who helped to raise money for the MNCC scholarship program that sent me and four other American students to live in and go to school in Japan for two weeks. It is a great program and I will never forget the experiences that I had while living in Japan. I want to help with future fundraising so more students can go to Japan. - Derek Hines-Mohrman, Olympia, Washington, USA (2012)


Dear All Volunteers
I want to thank you so much! i think i got as much as you possibly could get out of the homestay program. i experienced school and daily life, and it was so amazing and diffrent. i did so many great things in japan. i have always wanted to go to japan but it was just a dream. thanks to all these wonderful people you made my dream come true and started my life of adventuring. i always wanted to travel the world and all of you volunteers were my push to get me started. everything went so perfect, from boarding the plane to arriving in japan, living with a wonderful family that i would have never meet without you guys! the mncc program has treated me so great thanks to you guys. i loved my time spent in japan. you have made 5 students from around the west coast extremely grateful and we all thank you so much. thank you so much for the plane tickets and working so hard to raise money for us. i deeply appreicate it. thank you for everything i am so grateful and honored! THANKS! i would love to also participate in volunteering for others. - Anthony Lopez, Los Banos, California, USA (2012)


Thank you students for fundraising and doing all the other things you did to earn money for the American students (like me) to go to Japan. I had a great experience! I’m so glad I went. I met so many new people and made so many new friends. Everyone was so nice over there and I adored my host family! They were so nice and funny! Thank you for raising enough money for me to have a life changing adventure! Also thank you American host families who helped the students by getting them to school every day, and by helping them raise funds, and also by purchasing the products and services being offered in the fundraisers. Thank you for supporting me! - Katie Nugent, Los Banos, California, USA (2012)